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About Us

Meet JoAnn Sparks, owner and founder of The Salty Florist. JoAnn lives in Falmouth where she and her husband Jim raised their three beautiful children and where she began her career in floral. After earning a degree in design, JoAnn became fascinated with floral. At her first job she watched, learned, and eventually began designing her own custom pieces. 

She became consumed with getting to know her clients and creating thoughtful and inspired pieces that convey their personality and message. JoAnn has brought the vision of countless companies, individuals, spouses and brides to life over the past ten years and is thrilled to be opening The Salty Florist & More: a one-stop-shopping experience for all things floral.

One thing that sets JoAnn apart, is her ability to re-purpose foraged and homegrown elements into her designs. Her background in design and creative mind allow her to bring elements to her arrangements and installations that are truly unique to her. 

Stop in or contact us below to get started on your custom pieces today.

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